Back to List 01/03/2016
High 4K Launched Globally

Footprint Media Holdings (the parent company of Internationally Known High TV 3D) introduce HIGH TV 4K, the First 4K TV Network Broadcast 24/7 Family Entertainment Channel Worldwide.

The channel will be the first of its kind and features a unique mix of Entertainment, Lifestyle and Original Reality Shows in full Ultra HD.

Headquartered in NY, with offices in Hong Kong and London HIGH TV 4K benefits from Large Production Capacities Worldwide. HIGH TV 4K will unveil the largest native 4K library in the world; more than 60 hours of the world’s top native 4K programs, Travel Destinations, Cooking Shows, Underwater,Nature, Drama Series, and Hollywood celebrities.

This historical development has been achieved, HIGHTV 4K global broadcasting partner, a pioneer in high tech broadcasting technologies enabling 4K broadcast with a new modulation filters, to be broadcasted via HIGH TV 4K Networks.

Establishing 4K TV as a natural and inseparable part of Home Entertainment, HIGHTV believes that innovation is not a “one time move”, and will continue to grow with existing technology to give its audience nothing but the best.