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High TV Launched the First Worldwide 4K channel

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In the past two years, Footprint Media Holdings ( the parent company of Internationally known HighTV 3D) has been busy producing 4K programming across a range of genres in preparation for the official launch of their 24/7 4K channel at this year’s CES where they announced the Launch of High TV 4K.

The HighTv 4K programming is intensely broad and it includes; Travel,Nature,Underwater,Sport,comedy and even current affairs
So why the secrecy? Will High TV 4K become available Worldwide? When do they expect to turn a profit? Eric Klein,CEO of High4K answer our questions.

What programming is on High TV 4K? 
Eric Klein: 4K can’t go niche. You cannot do that. Everybody needs to find something they can watch on a 4K channel at this point because there are not a lot of  4K channels out there. We are the only 4K channel out there with a real library and a solid refresh factor. The channel caters for different demographic groups. Throughout the times of the day we have analysed viewership habits so between 7.00am – 9.30am, 67% of the audience are females between 25 – 43 thus we custom tailored and produced programmes for that specific demographic group. We have fitness, cooking shows, travel/destination shows etc in the morning. Then from 10.00 to 12.30 you have the Home employed, the housewives and the house husbands. That is usually a wider spread of demographic group so we produce reality shows, Hollywood content and television dramas to facilitate that. In general we have a lot of drama series, Hollywood content ( such as events and ceremonies), cooking shows, travel and luxury content.

Have you produced all this content from scratch?
Eric Klein: We film 70 – 75% of the content we have and we own an extensive library of content which has been produced by professional industry people working on creating 4K content. We have been working on it for the past two years, quietly though; nobody had heard  of us operating in the 4K sphere. Our aim was to create the channel quietly. We produced intensively and researched. We waited for the right moment when there is cross device integration of 4K,on television sets but also cell phones, tablets and laptops. It really integrated way more than HD did for instance. At the moment we have about 60 hours of 4K and by the end of the year we will have about 250 hours of 4K.

This must have all been expensive – how do you expect to get a return on this and what are your objectives?Are you Looking for Partners/Investors?
Eric Klein: To start of,
statistics show that about 4% of society owns a 4K TV set. But 18% of new televisions sold are 4K enabled so the growth is out there. You have to take that into consideration plus the enormous investment in advertising from 4K TV manufacturers. They woke up one morning and said “we need to sell more televisions” and started producing 4K sets.

We are currently the only ones in the market. We decided to bite the bullet. Yes we invested substantial funds into this endeavor and we decided to become the pioneers but we are not in it to go into the black two months into the launch. We made history – that was the first step but standardizing it and making sure you can get it Worldwide – that is our goal;  We don’t plan to monetize on all of our expenses in the first 6 months, we plan to have a balanced sheet at the end of year one. It is important to note that we had done this before with HighTV 3D and we were able to establish a market leading TV channel that is also profitable and is in demand. We already have a workflow that has proven itself on technology based TV channels and we aim to proceed in the same way with 4K. Investors are always welcome to approach us and if we see a synergy we are open to consider partnerships and allocation of shares.

Will you be selling your 4K programming to other platforms such as TV Manufactures, cable, IPTV or VOD?
Eric Klein: All of the content is available and is to be sold globally. We are talking to some other platforms in different countries but we also will keep some of the content exclusive for the channel, We want to make it unique but on other .We have signed several agreements for the 4K carriage, some of those I cannot disclose because they have not officially been cleared for press release.

About High4K:
High4K is a new international general entertainment channel broadcasting in Ultra HD globally. It is the first of its kind and aims to deliver a wide selection of content to large demographic groups around the world. following the success and distribution of its sister channel ,HighTV3D , High4K aims to become the global leader in 4K TV and to have a widespread distribution. High4K works closely with 4K producers and CEM to standardize what is to become the next standard in television.